Nikhil Gandasi


Assistant Professor

Lab: GA08
Email: grnikhil at iisc dot ac dot in
Phone: 91-80-22933460

Cell Metabolism and related disorders

How do cells interact with each other? Can these interactions be visualized in real time? It is in fact fascinating to visualize the metabolism of cells in real time. This give micrometer to nanometer level data which can help understand cell metabolism and answer many basic cell biological questions which has remained mysteries over the years.We use high-resolution optical imaging approaches to visualize cellular trafficking and signalling in real time. These approaches are combined with traditional biochemical and molecular biology techniques to relate the cellular changes to metabolic phenotypes seen during metabolic disorders. Our focus has been on diabetes where high-resolution imaging techniques are used to study single cells to develop a better understanding of the disease. The outcomes would be of importance in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment strategies for diabetes.

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